Samsung MU6290/MU6300 TV Picture Settings –

Picture Settings for the Samsung MU6290/MU6300 TV
Full Settings:

In this video, we will show you how to setup and get the best picture from your Samsung MU6290 or MU6300. These TVs offer the same performance but the MU6300 has a smart remote and bluetooth, wheras the MU6290 lacks a smart remote and doesn’t include Bluetooth out of the box. We will go over all the settings and how you can adjust them for the best performance whether you watch movies, play HDR video games watch the TV in a living room.

Auto Motion Plus (Soap opera effect) Explained:

Image Flicker (LED Clear Motion) Explained:

Models presented : Samsung MU6300 55″ (UN55MU6300), Samsung MU6290 55″ (UN55MU6290)

Should also be valid for the 40″ (UN40MU6290, UN40MU6300), 43″ (UN43MU6290, UN43MU6300), 50″ (UN50MU6290, UN50MU6300), 55″ (UN55MU6290, UN55MU6300), 65″ (UN65MU6290, UN65MU6300), and 75″ (UN75MU6290, UN75MU6300)

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Inputs (00:33)
Input Icon (01:12)
HDMI port bandwidth (01:37)
Game Mode (02:34)
HDMI Black Level (02:52)
Eco Solution (03:12)
Picture Mode (03:25)
Backlight (03:36)
Brightness (04:11)
Contrast (05:06)
Sharpness (05:24)
Color (05:39)
Tint (06:28)
Apply Picture Settings (06:44)
Digital Clean View (07:12)
Auto Motion Plus Settings (07:26)
Judder & Blur Reduction (07:42)
LED Clear Motion (07:59)
Contrast Enhancer (08:18)
HDR+ (08:27)
Film Mode (08:46)
Color Tone (08:58)
White Balance (09:27)
Gamma (09:47)
RGB Only (10:39)
Color Space Settings (10:47)
Conclusion (11:18)

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