Disappointed in AMD – WAN Show Dec. 8 2017

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

00:03:22 – Titan V
00:14:41 – AMD and Qualcomm join forces to power higher-end connected PCs
00:17:10 – Hackers stole $64 million from NiceHash
00:30:30 – Sponsor: Mack Weldon
00:40:03 – Sponsor: Savage Jerky
00:41:14 – Sponsor: Honey
00:42:52 – Leaked Intel roadmap
00:44:12 – Snapdragon 845
00:46:29 – AMD silently lowered RX 560 specs
00:51:44 – Steam no longer supporting Bitcoin
00:56:33 – Apple acquiring Shazam
00:58:00 – Floatplane

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