⚠️Your CPU Is Spying On You! Patch it Now! (Intel CPU Exploit Found)

The Intel Management Engine was found to have a major security vulnerability, and you are at risk!
Detection Tool: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27150
Links to patches (scroll down to “Resources from system/motherboard manufacturers”): http://www.intel.com/sa-00086-support

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I’ve talked about the Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) before, and said how much of a risk it is just that it exists. In a previous video, I talked about how because it was proprietary code, nobody really knows what it does. And because it has direct access to the entire system, if it was exploited by hackers or a government, they would be able to control everyone’s computer without anyone knowing. Turns out they did discover a vulnerability, and released a patch which you MUST download.

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