OnePlus 5T hands-on

OnePlus went with a 6-inch, Samsung-made AMOLED panel surrounded by narrow bezels below it and on the sides. The amount of empty space around the panel is roughly the same as on the LG V30, so it’s no surprise that both are easy to grip. More importantly, the screen is bright and vivid enough that it’s easy to forget it runs at 1080p — for those keeping count, that works out to a 401-ppi pixel density. That’s a lower pixel density than what you’d get out of, say, a Galaxy S8 Plus, but the screen’s still crisp enough that you can’t spot individual pixels so the trade-off hasn’t left me wanting. Still, OnePlus says the decision to stay at 1080p mostly came down to power and performance considerations, though it’s worth noting devices like the S8 Plus handled the jump to 2K just fine. Maybe next year.

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