INTEL POACHES AMD – WAN Show November 10, 2017

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03:00 – Intel hires Raja Koduri to develop discrete GPUs
12:30 – Nintendo creates own SD card for the Switch
21:58 – Floatplane Uploads
22:22 – GoPro vs Mobile Phone Cameras
25:47 – Luke’s big Gummy Bear
30:08 – Facebook wants you to send them nudes
37:30 – Assassins Creed Origins DRM optimisation
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46:28 – Sponsor: Savage Jerky
49:40 – Sponsor: Fresh Books
51:07 – Logitech will replace harmony link devices for free
59:26 – Blizzard’s Starcrafts 2 goes free to play after 7 years
01:03:22 – Twitter text upgraded to 280 characters

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