Nissan Created A Special Rogue SUV Just For Dog Owners

The Rogue Dogue is a special one-off Nissan “Project Car.” It was created for the car-show circuit to show off how a popular compact SUV could be modified for maximum canine pleasure. The Rogue Dogue looks just like a normal Rogue, but with a few extras. There is a seat-cover system that attaches to the headrests and means that Rover won’t trash your “tan leather-appointed” seats. It also has a plastic cage divider between the back seat and the trunk space. The real action is in the rear cargo area, which has been outfitted for maximum canine enjoyment. The entire area is quilted and washable. It has a plush cushion that can be removed. There are concealed, spill-proof dog bowls for food and water, as well as electronics that run off the Rogue’s battery. You can blow-dry your dog and air-condition the cargo area. There is also a healthy supply of the all-important poop bags. Accessories are located in a concealed drawer. The coolest is the water system, which allows you to wash your dog off. The plumbing and venting are hidden behind the rear seats. There is also a collapsible and stowable ramp leading up to the cargo area. Nissan has genuinely created something cool here that will satisfy the needs of many dog owners if they ever decide to make the Rogue Dogue available.


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