Sheryl Sandberg Attempts To Define What Kind Of Company Facebook Is

Facebook, which does all of the above, will not concede it’s a media company.
On Thursday, Facebook’s COO told Axios editor Mike Allen that Facebook is not a media company, a classification the company has avoided for years. The renewed questions about the company’s role in the intersection of tech and media come as the debate around fake news and fake Russian ads on the platform heat up. The UK is already considering regulations that would treat Facebook more like a media company, for example.
But Sandberg deflected, pointing to the fact that Facebook is run by technical workers and engineers. In her view, the company doesn’t produce news content, therefore it can’t be a media company.
“At our heart we’re a tech company,” Sandberg said when Allen asked if Facebook was a media company. “We hire engineers. We don’t hire reporters. No one is a journalist. We don’t cover the news. But when we say that, we’re not saying we don’t have a responsibility. In fact we’re a new kind of platform… as our size grows, we think we have more responsibility.”


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