This Is The Best MacBook Pro Clone For Windows Die-Hards

For more than decade, Razer has peddled aggressive, brightly colored peripherals and PCs to people who cared more about frame rates and kill death ratios than mainstream appeal. Now, the Stealth is back with an even more refined design and a slightly bigger screen, but it really isn’t any good at playing games. The $1,400 Blade Stealth is the MacBook Pro clone with Windows PC fans have always wanted. From its hinge to its speaker placement and even the indent on the front of the system, the similarities are unmistakable. However Razer has made some subtle, but important deviations from Apple’s formula, like the inclusion of both types of USB ports, which is a nice way to bridge the gap between legacy tech and new peripherals. You even get a full-size HDMI port. Then there’s the Stealth’s keyboard, which is way better than the super shallow setups you get on modern Macbook Pros. Inside, the Stealth has the kind of specs you’d expect on a $1,300 ultraportable notebook. The 13.3-inch 3200 x 1800 screen has a nice feather in its cap thank to its included multi-touch support, which is still something you can’t get on any MacBook. For someone who has never been able to truly get down with Apple’s Leopards, Mountain Lions, or High Sierras, the Razer Blade Stealth is the 13-inch laptop PC-users have always hoped someone would make. It’s got the kind of sleek design and rock solid build quality that is already appreciated about Apple’s MacBooks, with an OS PC-users are more comfortable with and a number of tweaks that make this Windows machine much nicer to live with.


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