Google Home Voice Calling Goes Live, And It’s Better Than Amazon Echo

If releasing and updating smart home devices was a foot race, Amazon would be winning. It was the first to launch the Amazon Echo ahead of the Google Home, and the first one to offer both device-to-device calling and video conferencing via a camera on the brand-new Amazon Echo Show. But sometimes it’s not about coming in first – it’s about doing things better. Starting today, Google Home can now make calls not to another Home device, but to any number in the US and Canada – home phones, cell phones and business numbers – absolutely free. To activate the free calling service, all you need to do is ask Google to call someone listed in your Google Contacts with an associated phone number. Of course, if you’re unsure of a phone number, like, say for that pizza place down the street, simply ask Google Assistant to call a location specifically and it will locate a number for you. Saying “Hey Google, call Dad” automatically triggers a ringtone, a neat feature for the times you’re just a bit too pre-occupied to pick up the phone, but, perhaps even cooler is the fact that if your roommate or significant other walk in and make the same request, Google Assistant will know to call their father instead thanks to Google Assistant’s ability to identify voices.


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