Nvidia and AMD are FRIENDS NOW! – WAN Show August 11, 2017

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Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89 and Sam Tilling (IPickle).

00:00:00 – The last week at LMG
00:14:59 – Intel i9 lineup specs finalized
00:19:59 – Enermax makes first AIO for Threadripper
00:20:30 – NVIDIA welcome’s AMD back to the CPU game on Twitter
00:23:18 – Threadripper won’t natively support NVMe hardware RAID at launch
00:30:40 – Threadripper’s first waterblock
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00:36:20 – Sponsor: FreshBooks
00:37:26 – Sponsor: Spektrum
00:40:19 – Discord announced video chat and screensharing
00:41:40 – Floatplane Club
00:43:30 – Collectibles
00:53:50 – [Rumor] ASUS is building the ‘Double Down’ of Vega cards
00:58:30 – Paris considering eSports for 2024 Olympics
01:00:05 – [Semi-official] iPhone 8 looks
01:01:26 – Seagate presents new 64TB NVME SSD
01:01:49 – Disney to pull content from Netflix
01:05:55 – Fitbit turns teens off exercising, study finds
01:07:58 – Gamers Nexus tests Noctua fan rumors

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