Researchers: Driverless Cars Can Be Tricked With Stickers

Driverless cars may be the future, but the technology carries a long list of engineering and security challenges that must be addressed before they hit the roads. Hacking has long been an issue, exemplified by a Chinese company hacking a Tesla Model X two years in a row. But researchers at the University of Washington have discovered a much simpler way of tricking driverless cars: with stickers. Unlike humans, who have the ability to tell when a street sign has been tampered with, driverless cars use an object identifier and a classifier to make decisions while on the road. These can be easily tricked, as was shown when the researchers were able to confuse a car by using a few well-placed stickers to change a stop sign to a 45-mile-per-hour speed limit sign. Adding one more hurdle to the driverless car industry.


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