Apple And Huawei Combined Are Not Enough To Slow Tablet Decline

There’s no doubt about it: the tablet market continues to struggle, declining 3.4% in sales compared to this point last year. However, some familiar players have been able to stymie this downward trend by turning focus to lower-cost, high-value products. Apple and Huawei each stand out as success story in this market, which many companies have abandoned since its initial boom a few years back. May saw the release of the new iPad, Apple’s latest take on its flagship model. Apple’s new iPad surprised many with its low price point at $329 – around $130 cheaper than its predecessor. Huawei has made inroads, too, by offering premium tablets that start at a lower price point, like the $299 Huawei MediaPad M3 8.0. Tablets are more stagnant in growth by comparison with smartphones, and are seen more as an entertainment and productivity device than something that needs to be upgraded each year. This distinction in buying habits further widened with the rise in popularity of 2-in-1 computers, many of which detach into tablets of their own. Some shoppers who were holding out on buying a new tablet were sold instead on more expensive 2-in-1s. The recent upswing in tablet sales that we’ve seen recently is due to something that had to happen eventually: prices had to get lower.


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