Channel Update (Maybe this one works?) – See what else I’ve been working on!

“Aaron! Where have you been?”

I do apologize. I haven’t been posting as much. I seem to fall into the same rut every summer. It gets hard to create videos when I know there is a new iPhone on the horizon.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped making reviews. I started a new channel for smart home devices. Check it out:

I’ve been fascinated with Smart Home devices over the last year and decided to jump all in when it comes to reviewing them. Basically, I’m doing what I’ve done with Mobile Reviews Eh and applied it to smart home gadgets.

I am taking a gamble on smart home devices as the market for it hasn’t exploded (I don’t think it has) so I’m trying to get into it before it becomes popular.

Many of you know that these channels are all I do. This is my business and in order to obtain all the necessary products to review, I’ve gone and gotten a business loan. Most of it is going to pay for help that I’ll need to edit and maintain two channels.

I do have to say that I am grateful that you guys still watch my videos. I’m always working hard trying to find something interesting to review. I’ve got a ton of video ideas for the iPhone 8 and 7s so stay tuned!

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