New Patent Suggests Apple AirPods 2 Could Become Fitness Trackers

TechRadar has reported that Apple has filed a patent for the next iteration of the AirPods that could mean the little wireless earphones become a fitness tracker in and of themselves. The patent shows that the AirPods will contain biometric sensors. While biometric sensors in headphones aren’t a new proposition- the Jabra Elite Sport already have this – it is exciting to see Apple is working on this technology.
According to the patent found by Patently Apple, the sensors aren’t just limited to simple heart-rate monitors either. It appears there are plans for EKG sensors, that monitor the electrical activity of your heart, impedance cardiography sensors, and more.
Impedance cardiography is the technique of sensing the electrical conductivity of the thorax to ascertain a range of measurements about your circulatory system including stroke volume (the amount of blood your heart is pumping), and heart rate (how often your blood is pumping) to gauge your cardiac output (the total amount of blood your heart is pumping).


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