Are The Worms Starting To Eat Into Apple?

The price of the iPhone 8 is rumored to be well over $1,000 — but it could cost well under $500 to build. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports it can cost around $70 to build in China. According to TechNewsWorld, all other smartphone prices seem to be trending down, while Apple’s appear to be trending up. This near-magical behavior is an example of expert manipulation, and in a world of fake news, it’s suddenly a more interesting topic to cover. It also suggests that Apple’s level of control over its customer base could be an anti-customer, if not an antitrust, problem. That’s on top of the issues that may prevent the iPhone from being shipped in the first place. Quallcom’s lawsuit with Apple is forcing people to realize that Apple is shifting from using the best technology in its very high-priced products to trying to cover up that the devices aren’t very competitive anymore in either capability or price. Like the Apple Watch, the new HomePod appears to be just a different expensive spin on an existing market — unique only because of its high price and connection to Apple’s ecosystem.


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