How To Avoid Scam Apps On The App Store

According to a recent report by TechRadar, among the tens of thousands of high quality apps on the App store for iOS are some so-called Scam Apps that do little but charge a lot. One in particular, called ‘Mobile protection: Clean & Security VPN’ even rose as high as a number 10 ranking in the top grossing productivity apps section of the store. That app, which claimed to keep users’ phones clean and secure, hit downloaders with high weekly subscription fees – charging as much as $99.99 every 7 days while doing none of the things it claimed to do. But avoiding these scam apps can be as simple as being mindful of reading the reviews and being wary of those apps listed as virus scanners, VPNs and password managers. A quick scan of descriptions can also reveal suspicious content, especially those that are laden with spelling errors, broken English and a general lack of professionalism.


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