The design is awesome! Ztylus Revolver Case 3-in-1 Review – iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

The Ztylus Revolver 3 in 1 Core camera case is one of the better cases for shooting video on your iPhone than other camera accessories. I love the design of the case as it eliminates the portability problem I have with using camera accessories on the go.

However, the design limits the size of the lenses which limits the quality of the lenses that Ztylus can use in their case. The distortion in the photos taken by the wide angle lenses is quite noticeable, especially when compared to the current king of camera lenses, the Exo Lens Pro.

For my Ztylus 3 in 1 Revolvar case, I’ve given the camera lens portion of the prducts a score of 4.5 Eh’s out of 5. The Olloclip gets a score of 5 mostly because of the better lens quality and a custom app to use. The Exo Lens Pro scores 3.8 but don’t let the low score fool you. On a wide angle lens basis, the Exo Lens Pro blows the Ztylus’s lens out of the water.

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I love the design of the revolver on the case. I know they’ve had this design for a couple of iterations now but I still think it’s so cool. To select the right lens, all you need to do is turn the revolver until you find the right lens. With this product, Ztylus includes a wide angle lens, a polarizing lens and a fish eye lens. And surprisingly, each lens seems to work with both camera’s of the iPhone 7 plus.

The revolver design improves the on-the-go functionality of camera case as you’re not constantly worried about losing the lenses as you would with the ExoLens Pro or deal with the flip-flopping of lenses (and lens caps) like you would with the Olloclip. The only other camera case that has a friendly on the go setup is the Switch case which is pretty neat.

At the beginning of the review, I said that the Ztylus REolver case was suited more for video than still photography. The distortion on the edges of the wide angle lens is quite noticeable in the photo setting but less so in the video. The same goes for the fisheye lens. I don’t see many photos being taken using a fisheye lens but shooting a video with it gives you an extremely wide angle of view which is handy.

The neatest lens in the revolver is the circular polar lens. I think the only other camera case that has a CPL is the Bit play Snap camera case so it was a nice refresher to use the CPL on the revolver. I’m always amazed at how the CPL can darken skies, reduce the glare and reflections off of smooth surfaces.

When it comes to lens quality, the Ztylus falls below the Exo Lens Pro and Olloclip. The distortion along the edges is quite noticeable and this might not have been a big issue but Olloclip made their lens quality much better with the iPhone 7 version so I was expecting the Ztylus to do the same. Here are a couple more image comparisons to show you the difference in quality. But when you go to video, the distortions are less noticeable.

The revolver is removable which helps for those instances where you might not need the camera lenses but I found that the handling of the case improves with the lenses attached since the edges of the case are quite slick. The slickness is my biggest gripe with the case design.

The entire package is quite heavy so it will make the weight of your iPhone 7 plus much more noticeable. Everything on the case fits quite well though I would feel more comfortable with the case if Ztylus used the same locking mechanism as they did on the Ztylus prime.

When it comes to protection, the case isn’t drop-rated but it comes with a neck strap attachment point which is handy. If you are planning on using this as your vacation camera, I would definitely recommend getting a neck strap. The edges of the case are high enough to keep your iPhone screen off a flat surface, even with a screen protector.

I had no issues accessing the iPhone in the case. The buttons where easy to use though the lightning port cutout is a bit smaller than the average case but it still worked with larger than average awesome cables.

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