Apple Premieres New iMac Models

At this year’s WWDC 2017, Apple made good on its promise that new iMac models would launch this year, but went even further with an iMac Pro, a device shrouded in rumor until now. With not one, but three different iMac models out there now, confusion is inevitable. So, let’s dispel the confusion surrounding whether, if you’re craving a new Apple all-in-one desktop for either work or play (or both), you should pick up a 2017 iMac this summer or wait it out for the iMac Pro this winter. Given its steep price tag and insane processing power, the iMac Pro is intended for a different class of professional. If you’re working in, say, 3D animation, then the iMac Pro is your bag (and hopefully your company is footing the bill). If you’re crazy enough to drop five grand on a desktop like this for the house, you better become an amateur animator, and fast – otherwise you’ll have wasted about $5,000. This time, the Pro version of the iMac is unequivocally for professionals, while the silver iMacs straddle the line between the two use cases. So, home iMac buyers: steer clear of the iMac Pro, and choose your silver iMac wisely based on your needs.


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