AMD News Roundup: X399, Threadripper, Vega Demos, and More! (Early June 2017)

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AMD at Computex 2017! And more. Notes on X399, AMD’s new high-end desktop platform.

Wendell: I think most people will be fine with Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7. With X399, there is a higher-end option for PCIe lanes or whatever.
The AGESA updates and platform bug fixes on AM4 are really encouraging. AMD has a full ecosystem and we should rejoice at true competition in the market place; Red or Blue may be a better fit for your particular needs BUT the important thing is that you have options!

Wait, what about X299, intel’s platform!? Watch here:

With these two videos (X299, intel’s platform and X399, AMD’s platform) you will be fully read in on the current state of the industry if you’re shopping for a high-end desktop and related parts.


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