Tim Cook Threatened To Pull Uber From App Store

Apple takes the privacy of its iPhone users very seriously. famously resisted FBI demands for a backdoor into a terrorist’s iPhone. So it was understandable that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick might have been a bit anxious before a 2015 meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The reason? Kalanick had been directing his engineers to camouflage a feature in the ride-hailing app that allowed Uber to secretly identify and tag iPhone users, even after the app had been deleted from users’ phones, But Apple was on to the ruse, which violated Apple’s app privacy rules. Losing access to millions of iPhone users would destroy Uber’s business, so Kalanick complied with Cook’s demand. This isn’t the first time Uber has been accused to using software for nefarious purposes. The company was recently caught using a secretive tool called Greyball to thwart efforts by local authorities to catch the ride-hailing company violating local regulations. The company has since said it would stop using the tool for that purpose.


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