A month with the Nintendo Switch – newb edition

I’ve never been much of a gamer in my adult life. I spent too much time traveling, so a desktop console is a waste of money, and mobile games have never been my thing. I have an iPad full of them, with most of these being the retro games I left behind in my teens, but the lack of hardware controls has made me forget them over time.

At first I tried to solve this with solutions like the Moga, which I would still depend on if their software wasn’t hit or miss depending on the game. Then I tried the Nintendo Classic, which I loved for about a two weeks, until the limit of 30 games got to me.

It wasn’t until Nintendo announced the Switch that the gamer spark I left in my teens woke up again. Like seriously? A desktop console that can also be portable? It was my first impulsive buy in years,.. And since we’re mostly about mobile technology, a good reason to expand our roots a little further.

Watch our impressions of the Nintendo Switch after the first month.


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