How Samsung Will Keep The Galaxy S8 From Catching Fire

The battery inside the clear glass case starts to smoke and then turns red hot. All of a sudden, it bursts into flames. When the fire has died down, all that’s left is the charred husk of a battery — specifically, a battery meant for Samsung’s new Galaxy S8. No, this isn’t deja vu, and Samsung’s new phone isn’t experiencing the same problems as its ill-fated sibling, the Galaxy Note 7. This is a controlled battery test in Samsung’s factory in Gumi, South Korea, where the company assembles 1 million phones a month. A worker applied more pressure in a compression test than normal, causing the battery to explode. If the battery had truly been defective, Samsung would have returned the entire lot back to its supplier, potentially as many as 15,000 units. Samsung got burned by last year’s Galaxy Note 7, and it’s determined not to let that happen again. The company added a more stringent battery testing process, which it says exceeds industry standards. It also lowered the capacity of the battery going into the Galaxy S8, and tweaked its chemistry so it lasts longer over time. All of this effort goes into ensuring that the Galaxy S8, with its sleek, curvy 5.8-inch display, is Samsung’s safest phone ever. The stakes are high for the company to prove that it can still turn out quality products — any more battery issues flare up and the company will never win back your trust. A flawless launch will help Samsung move past the Note 7 debacle, something it’s eager to do.


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